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Have a plan and follow best-practices

Software Development Methodology - Nervine Systems, Inc. has a Quality Management System (QMS) that has been derived from ISO-9001 and (cGMP) Current Good Manufacturing Process: 21 Code Of Federal Regulations Part 820, 211, 210 & 11. Customers can choose to utilize our internal QMS, have us follow their own processes and standards, or utilize a hybrid of both.

Nervine Systems follows a Systems/Software Engineering Management Plan, which refers to both the engineering aspects of the system/software and to the best-practices used for the systems/software life-cycle management of the project.

Based on the project requirements, Nervine Systems typically uses the Waterfall Model with feedback for projects requiring regulatory compliance, while other projects lend well to an Agile Process. When possible, during the development phase, Nervine Systems will utilize a hybrid of the Waterfall Model and Agile Process as a phased-release approach. An Agile Process is also used when concurrent testing is required during the development phase.

Projects are typically broken into two phases: a Phase I is the Requirements and Analysis phase, and a Phase II is the Detailed Design, Development, Testing, Release, and Maintenance Phase. A Phase I is typically proposed on a Time & Material basis and a Phase II is typically proposed on a Fixed Price basis.

Nervine Systems prides itself on building lasting relationships with its clients. We are a team of experts working with clients on all types of custom software and automation control systems & applications.

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